Frisco Residents Rally to Address the Need of an Animal Shelter

Frisco residents are cautiously optimistic that an animal shelter will be included in Frisco’s upcoming bond in May 2023. It all hinges on if residents can convince the Citizen Bond Committee to place a new animal resource center on a proposal to be presented to the Council to approve and move forward.

An animal shelter has never been presented by the City to a Frisco Citizen Bond Committee. Only after numerous emails to the Committee and speakers at a recent Public Safety presentation, the committee graciously honored the wishes of residents and specifically requested the City to place an animal shelter on the agenda for further discussion. In June, the City sent an email to Frisco’s Pet Project confirming an animal center would be presented to the Committee; however, in September, the City pulled their recommendation, leaving residents to rally. Frisco’s Pet Project is a grassroots effort created on social media back in 2018 by residents and citizens from neighboring communities who wish to “Keep Frisco Pets in Frisco.” For years they have been advocating online and at public meetings for the health, safety, and welfare of animals and pets in Frisco. For many, this includes a municipal animal shelter.

Photo courtesy of Frisco, TX – Lost Dogs, Cats & Pets

At this time, the City appears not to have a concept to present; however, Police Chief Shilson is scheduled to discuss the topic at the bond meeting on Monday, November 14th starting at 5:30PM. Frisco Animal Services falls under the Police Department. In the past, Frisco’s Mayor and City Council have mentioned on several occasions an animal shelter could only be built if put on a bond, so Frisco residents have been patiently waiting.

With a population of over 200K, Frisco surprisingly doesn’t have an animal shelter and transports their lost and stray animals out of city limits to the county shelter. Collin County Animal Services struggles daily to provide space for 13 cities and unincorporated areas. Frisco doesn’t have a temporary-holding space for animals found forcing them to sit in the back of a truck while Officers tirelessly search for their owners. Frisco residents, knowing the City doesn’t provide a local shelter, personally rescue pets and find owners on their own avoiding the drive to McKinney. There are over five different social media pages dedicated to reuniting pets with owners in an attempt to avoid adding to the shelter’s intake.

At this meeting, if given enough time, Frisco residents plan to share all the benefits that an animal shelter has to offer the community. Besides the obvious of reuniting more pets with their owners faster, getting animals off the streets, and providing a safe place for lost and injured animals, a local shelter could host community outreach programs, in-house workshops, including low-cost shots and spay and neuter clinics, micro-chipping, and especially volunteer opportunities that the City notes, “are the heart of a community.”

To make sure there is ample seating, the City moved Monday’s Bond Committee meeting to the Frisco Municipal Court Jury Room at 8450 Moore St, Frisco, TX 75034. City Officials have confirmed that residents could speak at the beginning of the meeting at Citizen Input but also after the Police Department’s presentation. Frisco’s Pet Project is encouraging residents to come to the meeting to demonstrate their support for a future shelter. They do not have to speak to show their support. A bond sets funds aside for the next four to five years and given the City ‘s growth, Frisco cannot wait any longer to provide this public service to its residents, making it so important to attend this meeting. Of the 12 largest cities in Texas, Frisco is the only city without an animal shelter.

To learn more, visit Frisco’s Pet Project on Facebook or come to the meeting and ask questions. Whether residents agree to having a shelter or not, it is only fair that an animal shelter be put on the ballot for the residents to vote on in May. Paws crossed.

  • Meeting – Frisco Citizen Bond Committee – Public Safety
  • Day and Time – Monday, November 14 at 5:30PM
  • Location – Frisco Municipal Court Jury Room at 8450 Moore St, Frisco, TX 75034

The meeting usually lasts two hours. Residents may arrive at anytime. For those that can’t attend, you are welcome to express your wishes by emailing and please thank them for putting a shelter on the agenda for bond consideration.

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