Frisco Residents have

  • Coordinated efforts throughout the County to campaign for CCAS to be placed on the County’s Bond in Nov. 2023
  • Met with County Commissioners Cheryl Williams and Susan Fletcher
  • Presented to the Citizen Bond Committee and helped get a $5M Animal Services Facility on the Bond Election ’23 that the City Council pulled from the Ballot Feb. 7th, 2023
  • Attended and spoke up about pets at Frisco’s Winter Work Sessions 2020, 2021, and 2022
  • Creating a Frisco’s Pet Project campaign on Facebook and recently added Twitter
  • Launched www.friscospetproject.org
  • Addressed City Officials at City Council and Town Hall meetings since July 2018
  • Shared research on shelter success stories and benchmark studies with City Council and City Staff
  • Offered volunteer services and research assistance to Frisco Animal Services
  • Assisted City in recent Animal Ordinance revisions to prohibit the sale of puppy mill animals in retail stores in Frisco
  • Played active role in recent Texas Legislation for animal welfare bills i.e. HB 1818
  • Frisco residents met with Mayor Jeff Cheney
  • Met with Councilwomen Shona Huffman, Laura Rummel, Angelia Pelham, Tammy Meinershagen and Councilmen Brian Livingston, Tim Nelson, Dan Stricklin, and Bill Woodard
  • Meetings with City Manager George Purefoy, Deputy Manager Henry Hill and Ron Patterson, Assistant City Manager Ben Brezina
  • Meetings and talks with FPD Chief David Shilson, Former Chief John Bruce and Chief Greg Ward, Operations Bureau Commander Jason Jenkins, Deputy Chief Billy Clay, and Steven Lerner of FAS
  • Introduced ourselves to key leaders within City Departments such as the Director of Governmental Affairs with the Frisco Chamber
  • Talked with Misty Brown, Development Services Division Manager of Collin County Animal Services
  • Visited Collin County Animal Services and area shelters
  • Assisted in helping fellow rescue organizations
  • Suggested and helped establish Frisco Animal Services’ Nextdoor photo notification system to assist with the reunification of Frisco pets

Current goal and results

Many residents haven’t given up. We still wish to keep Frisco pets in Frisco. Meanwhile, we are trying to unite animal advocates throughout Collin County to help Collin County Animal Services with their proposal for the upcoming bond. Email us if you wish to play an active role in the campaign at FPPTeam@friscospetproject.org.

Ideas to build on

Short-term goals

  • SUCCESS – Oct. 4, 2022 – The City of Frisco formed a Mayor’s Ad Hoc Animal Advisory Committee to explore future animal welfare programs to serve the community
  • Suggest updates for Frisco Animal Services’ website, including pages that are more locally driven with a calendar of animal-related education programs and events available to the community
  • Give spay/neuter or microchip incentives to the public like a $20 gift card from PetSmart or PetCo, etc…
  • Create a pet education program with the Frisco Police Dept. much like Frisco Safety Town that ties into the Frisco Independent School District and teaches area children how to be a responsible pet owner

Long-term possibilities

  • Build additional spay/neuter clinics in Frisco like the Texas Collation for Animal Protection (TCAP), or host quarterly mobile spay/neuter events in Frisco
  • Establish a Safe Place program for animals so they may be dropped off with no questions asked at police stations, fire stations, or vets instead of being abandoned at parks and shopping centers
  • Make Frisco a feral cat community to significantly help reduce the cat euthanasia rate, save space at CCAS’ over-crowded shelter, and lower Frisco’s rodent population
  • Consider a CCAS Satellite Adoption Center close to Preston for drop-offs and adoption with a room dedicated to both cats and dogs to demonstrate compatibility
  • Create a Sanctuary for a longer stays for special need or deemed hard-to-adopt animals, freeing up valuable space at the local shelters
  • Design a State-of-the-Art Pet Destination, as unique as Frisco, to provide temporary housing and act as an adoption center with local rescues, a park-like setting with running trails, children and pet playground, a pet event arena, along with revenue-generating features like dog and cat cafes, pet salons and stores to encourage business and citizen interaction

Keep Frisco Pets in Frisco!

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.

Mahatma Gandhi
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