Frisco Residents – Join the Pack!

Frisco residents are NEEDED on January 17, 2023 at 3:00 PM at Frisco City Hall, 4th Floor, East Wing Tower when the Frisco Citizen Bond Committee will present their recommendation of a Bond to the City Council that should include an Animal Services Facility. Staff summary and recommendations will follow, including discussion and finally, public comments.

It is no secret that new City Manager, Wes Pierson and his Staff along with Police Chief Shilson and his Frisco Animal Services team do not support the idea of having its own local facility. This has been the sentiment expressed in several of the Citizen Committee Bond Meetings since October. After numerous emails and remarks by Frisco residents before the Committee, the members chose to recommend an Animal Services Facility to the City Council for 5 million.

With so much debate and disdain for this idea of animal facility by the City, Frisco residents and animal advocates fear that the City will side with the Staff and pull Line Item G during this Tuesday meeting. Frisco residents can’t afford to take that chance.

January 2023 Committee Approved Bond


Join us January 17th at 3:00PM for the Special Called Joint Session Meeting with the City Council and the Citizen Bond Committee at Frisco City Hall, 4th Floor, East Wing Tower, 6001 Frisco Square Blvd, Frisco, TX 75034. Erin Jones with CBS 11 has been following this story along with the Dallas Morning News’ Susan MacFarland and it would be great if there is a good show of support!

Meanwhile, please email the Citizen’s Bond Committee and the City Council and Mayor and please POLITELY urge them to keep the 5 Million request for a future Animal Services Facility on the Bond Election ballot and let the residents of Frisco decide in May!

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Of the 20 largest cities in Texas, Frisco is the only one without a local Animal Services Facility and Adoption Center of any sort within their City.

After 5 years of sending emails and citizen input, and the City saying the only means to building a shelter is through a Bond, the Citizen Bond Committee has met and listened to the residents and will be asking the City Council to consider adding 5 Million to the Bond Election ballot in May for an Animal Services Facility.

Unfortunately, City of Frisco personnel does not agree with this recommendation, so residents are worried there is a good chance that the City will pull this line item from the Bond.

Let the residents of Frisco decide and vote on this in May!


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