Frisco Mayor Cheney Misleads Residents and Pet Advocates Again

Click to watch from the Frisco’s Pet Project Facebook Page

Frisco’s Pet Project would like to try and set the record straight as we know it. This video says it all. Mayor Cheney recently released his first podcast video in his campaign, and wait for it…pets. Those of us that have watched this, find it shocking. One, that he chose pets as his first subject, yes, yes he did. But, two, a lot of the information he shares is incorrect and misleading. He does, however, make it quite clear, there will not be a shelter in Frisco anytime soon. Not on his watch.

This is his video in full context. We only altered it to add corrections and comments in lower-third text. We think you will agree, enough is enough. Frisco residents and pet advocates are fed up with the City’s manipulation of our mission. We are equally upset with the misinformation that is being stated here and in the past about Animal Services in nearby communities like Plano and The Colony. This isn’t the first time they have used inaccurate information on other shelters to try and sway the opinion of residents and media to meet their agenda of “we know better, our data is more accurate, and we don’t need nor want a shelter,” despite what the residents of Frisco want. We may not have a vote in the upcoming bond, but you do have a vote for Mayor this coming May. Make it count for something other than big development. Make it count for Frisco pets.

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