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The Collin County Animal Shelter (CCAS) located in McKinney is responsible for intake, housing, and care of lost, surrendered, abandoned, and homeless animals from McKinney, Frisco, Prosper, Celina, Weston, Farmersville, Princeton, Melissa, Anna, Fairview, Lucas, Lavon, Nevada, and the Unincorporated areas in Collin County.

The current shelter was built in 2006. With the rapid population of Collin County over the last 17 years and the forecasted continued growth, the shelter is in need of an expansion to adequately house and provide care and medical services to animals in its custody.

At this time, the proposed addition is listed to include 4 new hallways with 120 kennel runs – 30 each, a cat quarantine room and sick bay, clinic room with 2 surgery bays, an education/meeting room, office, a storage room, and sally port.

The Collin County Commissioners Court will be discussing a proposal in August to place a bond on the November 2023 election ballot that could potentially provide funds for a much-needed expansion. The current proposal is for an addition of 10K square feet for $5.7 million to be completed by February 2027.

In addition, volunteers at the shelter and those in rescue would like to see the County and Cities throughout offer more progressive spay/neuter programs to decrease the large number of unwanted litters of puppies and kittens, along with low cost vaccination outreach/clinics to decrease the spread of preventable illnesses.

Please join Collin County residents asking for your help in reaching out to your elected officials, County Judge, Chris Hill, and members of the County Commissioners Court to request their support for this bond and the funding it will provide, if passed by voters, for improvements to the County animal shelter.

Contact information for Judge Hill and the County Commissions is provided below, as well as a sample letter that can be used. You can also attend a Commissioners Court meeting held each Monday at 1:30 pm, 2300 Bloomdale Rd, McKinney, TX 75071, and voice your concerns on this very important issue.

There is no guarantee that this will get placed on the ballot. You have to let the Commissioners Court know how much this means to you. Start writing now! And, if you want to take a even more proactive role in this campaign email us at

Honorable Chris Hill 972-548-4631
Commissioner Susan Fletcher 972-548-4631
Commissioner Cheryl Williams 972-548-4631
Commissioner Darrell Hale 972-548-4631
Commissioner Duncan Webb 972-548-4631

SAMPLE LETTER – By all means feel free to personalize your request explaining why this means so much to you and our animals. You may write one letter to all or each individually.

Dear Judge Hill or [Commissioner ____],

I am a resident of Collin County. The Collin County Animal Shelter located in McKinney and built 17 years ago, is no longer sufficient to support the population of Collin County and adequately house and care for the continuously increasing number of animals that come into its care. As you are aware, the shelter is contracted to take animals from not only McKinney, but many other cities and unincorporated areas in Collin County. The shelter, at the very least, requires much needed expansion to include additional kennel space, an intake area with quarantine space to prevent the spread of disease, medical and surgical rooms, a spay/neuter program, and community outreach education.

I urge you to please support a bond for placement on the November 2023 election ballot to allow the citizens of Collin County to have a voice on this very important issue.

Thank you for listening,


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