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Yours for the Sharing!

Our biggest challenge has been making Frisco residents aware there isn’t a city shelter to protect our Frisco pets when they go astray. Want to see what we mean? Today, ask three people if they believe Frisco has an animal shelter. We believe you will discover that this is Frisco’s best secret, and that is the way the City likes it.

Here are some steps you can take to help Frisco’s Pet Project with our mission.
  1. Sign Our PETition here on our website. Not only does it let the City of Frisco know that you’re one of many Frisco residents who want a municipal animal shelter, it also puts you on a list to receive inside information and progress reports that not everyone on social media will know about. It makes you part of the pack!
  2. Continue to like, comment, and share us on Facebook and now on Twitter.
  3. Speak up for those that can’t by sharing our message with family, friends, and neighbors but especially Frisco officials.
  4. Attend City Council meetings, Town Hall meetings, Coffee with the Mayor, or attend any other City events where Frisco leaders may be and ask questions and requests for a local animal adoption and rescue center. Here is a link to the City’s calendar.

If you need any help with questions or you need help with messaging, we are happy to help at We are happy to help you help your Frisco pets. Together we can!

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